Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • So what's the difference between this and more traditional AAC equipment?
  • The iPad is considerably cheaper (AAC units can cost 1000's of euros, our full loaded unit will run about 1000 euros)
    The iPad can be updated constantly and easily with a simple wifi connection and so it never need be out dated
    The iPad is also able to do other, more fun things like read you a story or let you paint a picture ...
    The iPad is completely portable and can be used anywhere.

  • Who gets the iPad?
  • Initially we are supplying schools and groups so that we can maximise impact and study progress effectively. Later in the year anyone who has a child with learning or speech difficulties that is working with a professional therapist in the Netherlands will be eligible to apply.

  • Can the iPads only to be used for school and learning?
  • No, absolutely not. It is our intention that the iPads will also come pre-loaded with fun applications too, so that they will be taken home to allow parents to get involved and enjoy using the iPad together with their children.

  • What Apps are included?
  • We currently intend to include;

    Proloquo2go (English language only)
    Grembe Apps (iCommunicate)
    iMagine Machine (Faces iMake)
    GDI Plus (iWrite Words)
    Good Karma Apps (First-Then Visual Schedule)
    Look2Learn (Stories2Learn)

    At this time the main featured App (Proloquo2go) is available in English only. The Dutch language version is being tested and will hopefully be released in the coming year. We will revisit all our recipients at that time and install Proloquo2go (NL version) on their units.

  • What makes you think these iPads won’t get broken by the kids?
  • Well of course we can’t be sure, accidents happen! We will be supplying a strong and sturdy protective case with all iPads which will take most of the bumps and knocks. The popularity of the iPad means that there should be no shortage of replacement parts should it become broken and they can be repaired by any Apple repair centre or qualified technician.

  • I can’t afford to donate, but can I still help?
  • You sure can. We need to raise awareness for our campaign so if you would like to help us with leaflet drops or can offer services which you think might be useful to use (printing, marketing or anything else) then please get in touch.

    If you’re holding an event or own a business and would like to help us promote our organization, then please let us know. We’d be happy to send out some flyers and posters if you think you can help.

  • Does all my money get spent on iPads?
  • No, a very (very) small percentage will be used for promotional materials and to cover charity registration fees. Information regarding this is available on request.

  • I see you are not registered yet
  • As soon as we have raised the money required for legal costs, we will be 100% registered. If you are a notary in the Netherlands and would like to help ipads4autism with the registration process, we would be very grateful.

  • Who is on the “Wall of Fame”?
  • People and companies that have generously donated goods or services which have helped us achieve our goals.