About Us

Our Mission

As many as 1 in 110 children are affected with Autism and many of those children have a lot to say. Our objective is to supply as many children as we can with Augmentative and Alternative Communications technology in the form of the iPad.

Put simply, we just want to give these children the opportunity to TALK!

Our Story

It all started when I first heard about the fantastic work being done by the HollyRod foundation and their Holiday 2010 campaign. I was reading about how they were raising money for these kids just like mine and how some of these kids were able to learn new methods of communication which in turn was leading to a more complete “life experience”...and all this from an iPad.

I decided then and there that I needed to look at ways in which I could involve my little girl with this technology and decided I would try and replicate the success of the Holiday 2010 campaign here in The Netherlands and Europe, and so here we are.

How It Works

Recent innovations from Apple and the Apps Developers mean that we now have the opportunity to bring communication to children with Autism, Downs Syndrome, Brain Injury and other related issues, in some cases for the very first time.

Our organization was set up with the sole intention of bringing these incredible developments in the form of an iPad loaded with specially created applications to children with communications and speech difficulties – a full list of apps can be found on our FAQ page.

How You Can Help

We are now in the process of collecting donations on behalf of schools and children in the Netherlands. Your donation will go directly toward buying equipment and applications which will be allocated as per our “Schools, Groups & Individuals” program.

One fully loaded iPad will give a child a voice.

€10 Gives 50 words.

€100 Gives 500 words.

€1000 Gives a voice.

We very much appreciate any and all donations!